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Courage to Continue

Distribution Pending


COURAGE TO CONTINUE is a documentary featuring two dozen individuals who have turned their failures into success. It also features experts talking about how experiencing a failure can contribute to learning and growth.

In the interviews, individuals tell their story and offer tips on how others can deal with failures in their life and use them as a stepping stone to later becoming successful.

The film also features a few psychologists, counselors, consultants, and coaches who help individuals deal with failure and move from failure to success.

When Love Goes Bad

Distribution Pending
Documentary Drama


When Love Goes Bad is both a stand-alone film or a TV
series, based on different types of relationships that begin
well but go wrong.

The first film in the series deals with problems in romantic relationships; the second with
conflicts in business.

The film features interviews with about two dozen individuals and several experts discussing what makes a good relationship go bad.

The film is part of a documentary series which includes The New Age of Aging; Me,My Dog, and I; Rescue Me; and Courage to Continue.

Finding Happiness - Poster

Finding Happiness

Distribution Pending
Documentary Drama


Finding Happiness features two dozen individuals talking about how they have found happiness in life in various ways — from their family and friends to having and achieving their goals and dreams in life.

It also describes how some have found happiness after undergoing and mastering a series ofchallenges in life.

It also features some experts talking about the ways that individuals achieve true happiness, regardless of the economic circumstances in life.

The film is part of a documentary series which includes The New Age of Aging; Me, My Dog, and I; Rescue Me; Courage to Continue; When Love Goes Bad; and Be Happy.

Be Kind - Poster

Be Kind

Distribution Pending
Documentary Drama

Driver - New Poster


Distributed by Gravitas Ventures
Suspense / Drama


Driver is a dark drama set on the streets of Las Vegas, in which a driver with a multiple personality disorder picks up passengers and sometimes becomes a serial killer.

Meanwhile, a rogue detective hunts him down, following the clues to find him. But then, their encounter becomes deadly, with an unexpected twist…

Last Party poster


Distributed by Cox, The Dish Network
Comedy / Drama


The Last Party is a dark comedy which is well-suited to a time when millions of people are facing a financial crisis and feel their world is falling apart.  It is sure to be talked about and is now being turned into a novel.  

In the story, Dave, a formerly successful business professional has lost his job, can’t find other work, could lose his house, has lost his wife, and can’t get support from similarly strapped friends.  So he decides to throw a Suicide Party with the help of his friends to raise money to save his house and get back on his feet.

If he raises $100,000 he’ll live; otherwise, he plans to kill himself.   Once they start to promote the party, initially through friends, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, the event becomes much more than just a party with the help of a trendy media influencer.

Dave is confronted by social welfare workers seeking to stop the suicide, a TV show producer who smells a good story, police officers requiring a permit, a newspaper reporter who turns an interview into a sensational international news story, Jehovah witnesses wanting him to find God, and more. 

So will the party be a great success?  Will he get the money?  And will he really kill himself if he doesn’t?   The Last Party tells this story.

Deadly Infidelity poster


Distributed by Green Apple


Deadly Infidelity is a drama/thriller about an annual dinner party between three former friends and their wives. The only things that keeps these men in the same room is the start-up that made them rich; the annual dinner party is the last facade of their friendship, and this year, a death threat turns everyone against each other.

Due to the threat from a dangerous caller about a bomb that may or may not go off, everyone’s dirty secrets will be exposed, including the wives who’ve been cheated on and with whom, and the money they’ve stolen.

Me, My Dog and I

Distributed by Random Media


ME, MY DOG, AND I is a documentary which explores the magical bond between people and dogs. It compare the owners of big dogs and little dogs and their differing lifestyles, and helps viewers choose the right dog.

The film allows viewers to meet dog lovers from all walks of life, from dog owners to dog walkers, trainers, and dog psychologists. It shows how dogs can become the owners’ best friend. It includes profiles of a dozen owners of big dogs and a dozen owners of little dogs, and it features interviews with dog trainers and other experts on psychology.

As the documentary illustrates, the owners of big and little dogs are quite different, since they reflect the different personality types of their dogs and they live very different lifestyles and choose dogs to fit in with their life.

Websites for these projects are at and

Death's Door 2020 Poster

Death’s Door

Distribution Pending
Medical Drama


Death’s Door is a medical drama based on the book At Death’s Door and the true-life story of Sebastian Sepulveda M.D. It is part of a film series which tells the story of an end-of-life-care doctor, Dr. Mark Corbin.

Dr. Corbin’s entire career has been dealing with the terminally ill and dying. The deaths slowly take their toll on everyone around: first on Dr. Corbin’s staff, then his family, and even himself.  Death’s Door is a medical drama based on the book At Death’s Door and the true-life story of Sebastian Sepulveda M.D. It is part of a film series which tells the story of an end-of-life-care doctor, Dr. Mark Corbin. Dr. Corbin’s entire career has been dealing with the terminally ill and dying. The deaths slowly take their toll on everyone around: first on Dr. Corbin’s staff, then his family, and even himself.

Changemakers Productions and Dear Skyyler Productions have now produced 11 films together. The other films include Me, My Dog, and I; Driver; Deadly Infidelity; The New Age of Aging; Courage to Continue; Reversal; and Death’s Door.           

The two companies are in the forefront of new independent companies who are changing the film industry, with new timely feature films, documentaries, and TV/film series, using a variety of online platforms for distribution that are increasingly replacing theatrical distribution. 

Rescue Me

Distributed by Random Media


Rescue Me is a documentary about rescue organizations that care for dogs, cats, and birds that have been abandoned or abused and find them forever homes. It also features some owners who are looking to rescue a pet.

The film is follow-up to Me, My Dog, and I. It features interviews with owners and volunteers at a dozen rescue and care facilities, and with a few owners of rescue dogs. The film also shows how the animals receive medical treatment, training, and loving care to prepare them to find forever homes, while some are adopted by the owners and volunteers at these facilities.

The film additionally discusses the things prospective owners might think about in choosing a rescue pet for themselves and their family. It’s a heart-warming, tearful, and sometimes painful look at the sad realities which confront rescue animals.

It’s also an extraordinary journey through the animal rescue world where we meet heroes, both human and animal, who are making a difference all around the world every day.

New Age of Aging

Distributed by Factory Films
Documentary Series


The New Age of Aging provides an overview of the major techniques to live a healthy, longer life. It includes profiles of individuals 80 and older living very active lives, and it features interviews with experts in the field, including doctors, coaches, and trainers.

As the profiles and interviews illustrate, older individuals live longer than ever, and some even have more energy and are more productive than many much younger individuals.

The documentary discusses the major characteristics of older healthy individuals and the attitudes and activities that keep them young and what people can do to improve their health before 80.

It also discusses the techniques for living longer, remaining active and healthy, and having an improved quality of life.

Reversal Poster


Distributed by Shami Media
Romantic Drama


Reversal is a social drama set in a near-future which features a Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story type love drama of two high school students set against the backdrop of social upheaval in the U.S. This upheaval has led to Blacks and Lations rising in power and wealth, while Whites and Asians have become the new lower class.

Reversal follows the romance of two high-school students: Sammy, a black high school jock from a rich African-American family, and Ella, a white girl from a poor family. After they fall for each other, they soon run into opposition from both their parents and peers.

But they overcome prejudice & bullying from their dysfunctional families and environments, and bring with them a little bit of change.

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