Producing Films for Screenplay Writers

Now that we have developed and produced 10 feature films, documentaries, & TV pilots, we are also able to produce films for selected screenplay writers with funding for production, if we like the script and feel it has potential to be picked up by distributors.

The writer will need a budget of $50,000 to $60,000, or more with name actors.

The writer will become an Executive Producer, receive 120% of the first moneys out for their investment, and thereafter receive the 50% investor share of the project.

We are able to keep the costs down, because Changemakers Productions and Dear Skyyler Productions share in the 50% production share, so we have an incentive to select scripts that are likely to gain national and international distribution.

The process starts with an evaluation of the script and its potential to become a good film. This evaluation, done by a professional evaluator, will note any problems in the script and make recommendations for changes. The scriptwriter can make those changes or not and is free to pitch the script to whoever he or she wants.

If there is a mutual agreement of the scriptwriter with Changemakers Productions and Dear Skyyler Productions, we will make any suggested script changes and produce the film based on the proposed budget for the film.

The scriptwriter will be kept informed of progress during the pre-production, production, and post-production process.


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